FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


For Freelancers

Qn: How can I start freelancing through Reopto?

Ans: You can get registered to Reopto by adding your Job/Skill. You can then build your profile to showcase your business and gain trust and start working.

Qn: What do I need to start freelancing through Reopto?

Ans: All you need is a computer, Internet connection and a Skill to get started.

Qn: What can I sell through Reopto?

Ans: You can offer any services as long as it is legal and within our terms. You can go through our categories to get some ideas.

Qn: How much money can I make through Reopto?

Ans: That’s completely up to you. You can work full time or half time to earn money through Reopto. Set a clear price and negotiate at your own terms.

Qn: How much do I get paid?

Ans: It is free to join Reopto. We are providing offers now so you get to keep 100% of each transaction.

Qn: Why should I freelance through Reopto?

Ans: Reopto gives you the freedom of working anytime, from anywhere. Reopto not only offers you clients online but also provides you necessary resources to improve your skills.

Qn: What kind of clients can I get in Reopto?

Ans: You may get clients from companies to individuals. Clients can be from big companies or Startups or even a person who needs an extra assistance.

Qn: How to know the right client to work with?

Ans: By the options available in Reopto you can contact the requirements of the clients and time you need in order to get it done and then choose to accept it or decline it.

For Buyers

Qn: What to do after I register?

Ans: You can either post you request by giving a brief description, skills needed and your desired deadline or you can search for the service you need and hire directly.

Qn: How can I register the right freelancer?

Ans: You can start by posting a clear request for what you need. You can communicate with freelancers clearly about your needs also evaluate them by their portfolio and their previous work before choosing.

Qn: What if I am not satisfied with the results?

Ans: We will make sure to notify freelancer to deliver on time and provide resources to improve their skills but if you need, we will step in to offer help. If there is a disagreement between you and your freelancer, we will provide dispute assistance through our customer support.

Qn: How do I pay my freelancer?

Ans: After the price agreement between you and your freelancer, you can pay through our safe and secure payment system. You can choose to pay using different payment methods we have and it will be subject to a small processing fees.

Qn: Will I get official invoice?

Ans: Yes, all the payment you make through Reopto have invoices that can be downloaded or printed.

Qn: Do I have to pay any subscription charges?

Ans: No, for buyers it is completely free for registration and no need to pay any charges every time you buy a service.

Qn: Can I cancel an order?

Ans: You can contact our customer support and give your reasons to cancel the order. Our customer support team will take many factors into consideration before cancelling an order.

Qn: What should I do if I have any issues?

Ans: You can raise a ticket from our customer support and one of the support staffs will contact you and resolve it for you.