For Freelancers

Here are few steps to build your freelance service

Build an attractive profile

  • Tell your story and who you are using photos, videos and text.
  • Put your work experience and previous works in your portfolio.
  • By doing this you gain the trust of your clients.

Browse job requests and send direct proposals

  • See all the approved jobs and send your custom offers to them.
  • Get notified for specific job categories of your choice.
  • Have the freedom of accepting and declining offers that directly come to you.

Work effectively and efficiently to provide good service

  • Once you get the order, start working and deliver your work on time.
  • You don’t have to worry about your payment because it will be safe with us.
  • Once the placement of the order is complete, your payment will be transferred with small deduction as Reopto charges (Because of offer it will be free now).

Get everything organised just for you

  • We keep all of your threads right next to each other in one place.
  • Get notifications every time you get an order, request of your choice etc.
  • Get invoice for free for every transaction you undergo.

Give review, Get review and keep it going

  • Get reviewed for your work and have the buyer come back again.
  • Give review to buyer according to their communication with you.
  • Jump to higher level by giving better service and getting good rating.

For Buyers

Here are few steps to get your job done easily

Search your service, contact freelancer and hire directly

  • Using our search option, search the service you need and the place of your service provider.
  • Contact them using our chat option and tell them your requirements.
  • Choose the right freelancer and place your order by paying a down payment.

Let freelancers find you by posting a job

  • Tell people what you need, when you need and your budget.
  • Get proposals for your request from freelancers all over the world.
  • Pay a down payment to start the job with the freelancer of your choice. Release funds after completion of project.

Communicate and choose the best freelancer

  • Chat with freelancer of your choice using our messaging option
  • Get notifications when your order is accepted, when you get proposals, completion of order etc.
  • Get invoice every time for free when you pay.

Place the order using our safe and secure payment system

  • Pay with ease through our safe and secure payment system.
  • Release money only after your order is completed through our escrow service.
  • Get invoice every time you pay and order.

Give review, Get reviewed and keep it going

  • Give review to the seller for his work quality, communication etc.
  • Get reviewed from the seller to get easily recognised by other sellers.
  • Continue the same work and happy buying.