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Reopto Terms of Service

Last updated on December 13, 2017

Hello from Reopto, Reoopto is a freelance marketplace. This website (www.reopto.com) owned by Reopto. This Terms and condition (Terms of Service) gives information on accessing Reopto website which include contents, functionally and services offered by Reopto. By using the site, Opening an account or by clicking to accept or agree to the terms of services when the option is given to you, you accept and agree to follow these terms of services and our privacy policy. If you do not agree to these terms of service or the privacy policy, you must not access or use the site.


  • Anyone using this site or app should be at age 13 and above.
  • We reserve all the rights to change or modify the terms of service from time to time without notice. You take the responsibility to review this term of service periodically to familiarize yourself with any modifications. Your continued use of the site or app even after such modification will constitute acknowledgement and agreement of the modified terms and conditions.

Reopto Services


Reo’s are the jobs offered by sellers on Reopto.

Sellers are the users who offers Reo’s and perform them.

Buyers are the users who purchases services.


Sellers can create reo according to their skills.  The number of reo the seller can create depends on their level.

  1. 5 Reo’s for all the users.
  2. 10 Reo’s for level one seller.
  3. 15 Reo’s for level two sellers.

All the Reo’s are created by the sellers. The sellers should create Reo’s without violating the terms of service of Reopto. Reo’s may be removed by Reopto if the seller violate out terms of services, which may include by not limited to,

  • Adult oriented service pornographic, inappropriate/obscene.
  • Illegal or fraudulent services.
  • Copywrite infringement, trademark, infringement and violation of a third party terms of service reported through our intellectual property claims policy.
  • Spam, non-sense of violent Reo’s like humiliating people of community.
  • Reo’s misleading buyers.
  • Reo’s that violate these terms of services will be removed and the removed Reo’s are not eligible for restoration or editing.
  • Reo’s which give bad promotions/name to Reopto will be removed.
  • Reo’s should have related images, videos or PDFs to that the sellers, sell. Images, videos or PDFs you upload should be your work.
  • Reo’s price may be $5 to $999
  • If any sellers uploads images, videos or PDFs which are not their work and any company gives a complaint then Reopto will not be liable for that and it has to be clear between seller and the suing company. Reopto takes no part in it.

Deliverable Products and Printing Services

    Some of the services offered by the sellers in Reopto includes deliverable products and printing services if you need the physical product of prints or arts and crafts or other collectable items you should specify the seller about it. The buyer may charge extra money for shipping (National/International). The buyer can ask for tracking number to track the delivery product. Sellers are completely responsible for shipping arrangement once the buyer provides the shipping address. Reopto is not liable or don’t guarantee or responsible for shipping, tracking, quality and condition of items or their delivery. Buyers or any user should not blame Reopto if there is any problem in deliver product.

Hierarchy (Levels)

To help buyer find better sellers and to also help sellers to improve their skills, level are given. If a seller gives better services and achieve better customer satisfaction by delivering high quality product and on time then those sellers will be given on upgrade of levels. This can be done automatically or manually and it will be done periodically. If the seller failed to deliver the product on time and get bad our average reviews from buyers than the seller may have the chance of getting into lower levels. Sellers who give better services will get more buyers.

However if Reopto believe to find that any sellers try to create fake accounts, do transactions with their original account and give good review and rating then their account will be terminated or their Reo’s will be deleted which cannot be recovered.

Withdrawing revenues

  • The sellers can withdraw their money from any of our payment methods( Bank transfer, Paypal, 2Checkout)
  • A seller can withdraw revenue only after 15 days to avoid any disputes and the orders will be given completed.
  • Withdrawing fees may vary for different methods.
  • Once the withdrawing is done, it cannot be undone.


Giving reviews and rating to the seller is a great way expressing how efficient the services given by the sellers, so we encourage all the buyers to give reviews to the sellers within 7 days of delivery of the work. Once feedback is given it cannot be edited or deleted by anyone other than Reopto. If you need to change the review before 7 days you can request for change and Reopto will do it. Reopto will remove the feedback if it contains any abusive language, threatening the sellers or give bad name to Reopto. Sellers cannot remove the feedback reviews which are given by buyers.


All the users are required to pay using Reopto methods and not to use direct payments. If any payment methods are used other than Reopto’s then Reopto will not be liable of any matter and does not help in resolving disputes if they occur.

Reopto retains the right to use all publically published delivered work for Reopto marketing and promotional purposes.

Reo’s can be purchased using one of the following methods; Credit card, Debit card, Paypal, 2Checkout. The processing fees will be different for different methods of payments. Seller can also buy from other sellers if they have balance in their seller’s account. No users should pay or make payment outside of Reopto’s payment methods. If anyone offers you money through other methods, other party is requested to inform us. To protect against fraud, unauthorized transactions (such as money laundering), claims or other liabilities we do not collect credit information; but allow our payment vendors to collect information for purpose of collecting payment from buyers on the site or transferring payment to sellers on the site. We are not exposed to the payment information provided to our payment vendors and this information is subject to privacy policy applicable to payment vendors.


This paragraph only applies to buyers located in India. Indian buyers will be charged GST in addition to Gig price shown on Reo page. An invoice will be provided to allow eligible users to claim back the GST from the Tax authorities.


After payment is done, order will be created and given unique order number and sellers can start working. The sellers will be notified when the buyers give a REO order with e-mail and in website notification. Users will be responsible for scanning all transferred files for viruses and malware and buyers should check if the order meets their requirements and specifications.


Disputes and cancellations

We always encourage of users (buyers and sellers) to settle all conflicts among themselves. If they couldn’t do it then they can contact Reopto’s customer support.

  • A buyer can cancel the order if the customer support give the eligibility to it. It can be done only after approaching customer support of Reopto.
  • Reopto reserves the right to cancel orders or place fund on hold for any suspected fraudulent transaction made on site.
  • Seller need not deliver the Reo if the payment/order is cancelled by the buyer.
  • If the order is successfully cancelled then the funds will be paid to the buyer’s shopping balance.
  • Sellers can mention the amount of revisions they are offering including zero revisions. Buyer should not ask for more revisions than seller mentioned or take advantage of it by requesting to gain more services.

Order cancellations

If any users wants to cancel an order they should contact customer support or if both the parties agree they can have mutual cancellation. Order cancellation is done manually. Users can request for order cancellation with their reasons and our customer support team will look into number of factors including violations to our terms of services, general misconduct and improper use of the Reopto delivery service. Orders cannot be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the sellers as they mentioned on their Reo page.

Our customer support will cancel orders based on, but not limited to the following reasons,

  • The seller is late or not responding for more than 24 hours and order is marked late.
  • Users are abusive towards the other party through threats of low rating or leveraging order materials.
  • If the sellers requests additional payments on or off our platform, by withholding the final delivery of services directly related to the agreed requirements.
  • Buyers who threaten to leave a damaging review to gain more services from the seller not related to agreed requirements.
  • Users who have been reported to use copyright/trademark infringing materials after verifications and with proof.( If complaint is given after the order completed then Reopto won’t be able to help)


All the refunds are done manually for the refund payment made for cancelled orders back to your payment provider. Funds from the order cancellation are refunded to the buyer’s balance as credit and are available for future purchases on Reopto. Fund returned to your balance from cancelled orders will not include processing fees paid.

User can request for refund by raising a ‘Ticket’ in our ‘Support’ centre.

Our Customer Support Team can perform Deposit refunds, when available from the payment provider. To prevent fraud and abuse, we limit the total amount of times users can request a payment provider refund from their account which is subject to review by our Customer Support team. Such refunds may be subject to an additional fee. If any processing fees were added at the time of purchase to create new order, the processing fees from that payment will not be refunded along with your deposit.


Choosing a seller

Buyers are required to see the Reo page of the sellers before giving orders. We encourage to users to take advantage of our rating system to check other buyers experience with them. Messaging system to contact them and check if they are skilled to do your work or not. And also use common sense before choosing a seller for your work.

Reopto is not responsible for the content, quality or level of services provided by the sellers. We provide no warranty with respect to the Reo’s, their delivery and any communication between buyers and sellers.

Unless clearly mentioned in Reo page or not talked about it, when the work is delivered and subject to payment, the buyer is granted all intellectual property rights including but not limited to, copyrights for the work delivered from the seller and the seller waiver any and moral rights therein. The delivered work shall be considered work-for-hire under US copyright Act.

User conduct and protection

All the content added by the users to Reopto are user generated content.

  • To protect our user privacy, user identities are kept anonymous. Users are requested not to share e-mail addresses, social media usernames, telephone/mobile numbers or any other personal contact details to communicate outside of Reopto.
  • Reopto does not provide any guarantee of the level of services offered to buyers.
  • Reopto does not provide protection for users who interact outside of the Reopto platform. All the information and file exchanges must be performed exclusively on Reopto’s platform.

Reporting Violations

If you come across any content or users violating our terms and conditions, you should report us and we will handle that violation keeping your name anonymous. A warning will be sent to user’s email address and will be displayed for such user on the site. Warning do not limit account activity, but can lead to your account losing seller statuses or becoming permanently disabled based on severity of the violation.

Non-Permitted Usage

Adult Services & Pornography- Any services related to adult content and pornography will be disabled.

Copyright/Intellectual Property Claims- We will respond to clear and complete notices of alleged copyright or trademark infringement, and/or violation of third party’s terms of services.

Privacy & identity- You may not publish or post other people’s private and confidential information. Any exchange of personal information required for the completion of a service must be provided in order page. Sellers further confirm that whatever information they receive from the buyer, which is not public domain, shall not be used for any purpose whatsoever other than for delivery of the work to the buyers. Any users who engages and communicate off of Reopto will not be protected by our terms of services.

Fraud/Unlawful Use- You may not use Reopto for any unlawful purposes or to conduct illegal activities.

Selling accounts- You may not sell or buy accounts in Reopto.

Multiple accounts- Users are restricted to use only one account.

Disclaimer of Warranties